TimeWarnerCable_Office To Go

The camera moves seamlessly from office to cafe to a moving train and finally comes to rest in an executive lobby.
This deceptively simple concept required detailed pre-production planning, shoot supervision and extensive visual effects work to bring to life.
TANQ’s Alex Catchpoole travelled to the Toronto shoot to work with Director Christopher Desantis (Untitled) to ensure that the separate camera moves from each location, combined with greenscreen and plate photography would all come together into a fluid, continuous move.
“This was a great team effort” said Catchpoole. “Chris and I had a great time working together on this spot, the crew worked really really hard to get the angles and lighting to be as close as possible, and the finished piece works just as we imagined it would.”

Have a look at the before and after of the ‘train greenscreen composite‘.

Credits: // Agency: G2 / Producer: Terry Debonis / Production Company: Untitled / Director: Christopher Desantis / Editor: Kane Platt @ Chinagraph