TANQ is a high-end Visual Effects and finishing studio in New York City, dedicated to creating great results
on every project.


TANQ Take-Out is a brand new service that delivers that quality to your location at a reduced price. A senior
artist and cutting edge technology delivered to you, so that your project can be finished in-house.

The idea for a mobile post-production suite is something that the owners of TANQ have been refining since
the company opened its doors in 2007. After successful mobile projects at a number of New York post and
editorial companies, including The WhiteHouse and Postworks, TANQ found a permanent base sharing space
with premier editorial house Chinagraph (now Hooligan).


TANQ Take-Out offers a new way of working, with the strength of an established company behind it:

  • Perhaps your editorial company has a project that needs the power and speed of Flame with a great artist,
    but the budget won’t stretch to going out of house.
  • Perhaps your agency wants the convenience and simplicity of finishing a project without sending the
    creatives across town, but they still want to work with senior, creative talent.
  • Maybe your design/production company would like to use the real-time interactivity of Flame for a client-
    attended session to complete your project in-house.
  • TANQ Take-Out offers a compelling solution for post production:

  • Lower Costs: by eliminating the overhead of our space, we can offer the same great service at a reduced rate.
  • Convenience: no need to go across town or book a hotel to complete your project. We come to you.
  • Creative integration: when we are on site, TANQ is a part of your creative team, sharing resources and ideas.
  • Production Support: when we are on site the full resources of TANQ’s New York studio are still available.
  • FAQ
  • How does TANQ Take-Out work?
  • Step 1.You have a project and you would prefer to do all the VFX & finishing in-house at your company. Call us.


    Step 2. We come to your space with our engineer to discuss the location and integration of your temporary suite.


    Step 3. We deliver and install the equipment. All our equipment is housed in custom road cases making installation and set up quick and easy – the system can be ready to work in only a couple of hours.


    Step 4. Our artist/s work alongside your team to complete the project. While on site, the support of the production team and other resources at TANQ’s New York studio are available.


    Step 5. Completed project archives are stored at TANQ. If there are revisions weeks or months after the booking these can easily be accommodated at TANQ’s New York studio.

  • What services does TANQ Take-Out offer?
  • TANQ Take-Out options include VFX & finishing on Flame, color correction on Lustre, design services & motion graphics on Adobe Creative Suite. Each of these options comes with a great senior artist, and each booking can also call on the resources available at TANQ’s New York studio.

  • Who orders TANQ Take-Out?
  • Since 2007 TANQ has been working with top editorial companies, advertising agencies and production companies. TANQ Take-Out is available to everyone: Editorial companies, Agencies, Production Companies, Directors, Design Houses, Independent Filmmakers and Artists.

  • Where does TANQ Take-Out deliver to?
  • From TANQ’s New York studio TANQ Take-Out can go anywhere – around the corner, across the city, anywhere in the country or internationally.

  • How long does it take to set up TANQ Take-Out on site?
  • Prior to arriving on site, TANQ does a location scout to check the existing infrastructure – power, AC, network and cabling will be looked at to ensure an easy install. After that getting up and running with our custom built turnkey system only takes a couple of hours.

  • What is the minimum booking for TANQ Take-Out?
  • In New York City there is a one day minimum booking, but prices are more flexible on longer bookings. For locations outside of NYC minimum bookings will depend on travel and shipping distance.

  • What if we have a revision or another version after the project has completed?
  • Revisions and versions may be requested after the completion of the TANQ Take-Out install, and these can easily be accommodated at TANQ’s New York studio.

  • How much does TANQ Take-Out cost?
  • Each project is priced based on the time and resources required to complete. By removing the overhead of space TANQ Take-Out prices are significantly lower than traditional post-production rates.

  • Why shouldn’t I rent a Flame and find a freelance artist for my project?
  • The advantage of using TANQ Take-Out is that we have a proven track record: great, senior artists, a strong facility to support the project, and a commitment to hassle free results. Working with TANQ Take-Out is the same as working with TANQ at our New York studio. Exactly the same dedication to quality, creativity and attention to detail, right there in your own space. Your project gets done in-house without the uncertainty and engineering headaches of doing it yourself.

    For more information call 212 539 0283