Olay_Thandie Newton: Tone Corrector

TANQ continues its work with Saatchi for the global Olay product range with this spot featuring film actress Thandie Newton.
TANQ provided design, CG products, and a number of invisible effects to help the spot.
‘Originally this was shot for the European market,’ explained TANQ creative director Alex Catchpoole, ‘so our work included some CG product replacement.’ Usually this means a simple digital label replacement, but this time the product was completely different. The footage showed a short, round jar and here in the U.S. the tone corrector comes in the tall, narrow double helix bottle that you see in the spot. TANQ worked closely with editor Eric Carlson (Hooligan) to make sure that the action would work with the new shape.

The U.S. script also called for a number of changes to Thandie Newton’s performance, most of which were cleverly cut around by Carlson. However, the tag line which Newton delivers straight to camera required some effects magic to make the new words stick. ‘The script changed – the new line was completely different to the line Thandie performed for the UK commercials, but rather than reshoot we built the new performance in CG. I knew it would be a challenge,’ explains Catchpoole, ‘because Thandie’s face is so mobile and expressive. Every syllable that she says is visible in the movement of her face, from her chin to her eyes.’ Using a voice over recording of the new audio TANQ’s artists replaced her chin, jaw and cheeks with CG elements that matched the new lip sync.

‘If an on camera piece of dialogue needs to change it may be impossible to reshoot,’ said TANQ’s executive producer Mary-Joy Lu, ‘so digitally updating a performance to accomodate a script change is a good alternative. We had done a couple of projects like this before – one client changed their offer from 10% to 15%, TGI Fridays introduced a new menu item, and Metamucil went from ‘2010’ to ‘2012’, but this was the most challenging so far.’

Credits: // Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi / Producer: Dean Shoukas / Editor: Eric Carlson @ Hooligan