Olay_Swap: Cinema

The simple beauty of the piano piece and the cinematic quality of the photography are a perfect match for this stunning short film.  Screened in theaters only, the piece stars Kim Cattrall and is an evolution of a 15sec TV spot that TANQ completed earlier in the year.  TANQ’s work included very subtle beauty retouching and clean up, color management, and title design.

“This was a great collaboration between the editor, the agency and TANQ,” said TANQ EP Mary-Joy Lu.  “The spot feels like a scene from a classic film, cut to this beautiful piano piece, so nothing could be jarring or out of place.  To make everything fit together perfectly meant finding the right tone for the graphics, nudging the colors in a shot or two, tweaking the lens flares a little, adding a little extra steam in a shot here and there, just enough so that everything worked as a whole.”

Credits: // Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi / Producer: Liz Sloane / Production Company: Moxie Pictures / Director: Pam Thomas / Editor: Barney Miller @ Hooligan