Liberty Bank_Work With Me

When the team at TANQ began discussing the scripts for the Liberty Bank campaign with the guys at Cronin & Co, they realized that this was more than simple type animation.  This was an opportunity to do some great character animation.
So TANQ took the basic ideas in the boards and began to infuse the CG characters (the quotes) with as much personality as possible.  They enlisted the skills of animation studio Kapow Pictures to build the CG quotes.  “Working with Kapow was great,” said TANQ EP Mary-Joy Lu.  “The quotes could easily have been nothing special, but as little characters they really help to make the spots fun and friendly.  It is incredible how with just a few keyframes they are so expressive.  At TANQ if we can’t do it in house, we always try and bring in the best talent for the job, no matter where they are in the world.  TANQ is in New York and Kapow are in Sydney Australia, but the distance meant nothing.  It was just like having a great CG team right down the hall – but custom picked for this project.”  TANQ has worked with specialist artists far from their Manhattan offices many times in the past, utilizing CG talent as far away as London and LA, and animators from Sydney and Bangkok.

TANQ’s Alex Catchpoole was on set in New York to supervise the shoot, where rigs were used as stand ins for the quotes.  The rigs provided sight lines for the actors, and framing guides for the camera.  Flame work included removing the rigs, clean up of the studio and compositing of the CGI quotes.
The 3D titles in each spot were also built and animated in Flame.  Alex designed the transition from the spinning titles to the logo lockup, which reintroduces the quotes and connects them with the colored flame in the Liberty Bank logo.

TANQ completed three spots for the campaign: ‘Work With Me’ ‘Wrong Button‘ and ‘Not Exactly Patient‘.

Credits: Agency: Cronin & Company / Producer: Lester Ayala / Production Company: Uber Content / Director: Chris Hooper / Editor: Greg Letson @ Hooligan