TANQ creative director Alex Catchpoole and director Matthäus Bussman of Sandwick Films teamed up to create ‘Perfume’, a provocative piece of advertising slight of hand for McCann Erickson.

‘Perfume’ features a beautiful girl following a trail of magical, drifting points of light through a mansion. The light trail leads her to a crystal perfume bottle, mysteriously obscured by the lights. When the bottle is revealed it isn’t a product we were expecting, and the voice-over explains the incongruity.

The spot is the latest project in a long creative partnership between TANQ’s Alex Catchpoole and McCann Erickson SVP Group Creative Directors Doug Welch and BJ Caplan. “Over the years Alex has been our go-to guy when we need to get maximum visual impact – but with exquisite taste,” said Welch.

TANQ’s involvement on Perfume began in preproduction, and continued through each stage of production and post to final delivery of the HD master. TANQ designed, animated and composited the light effects featured in the spot, and also did cleanup, rig removal and beauty retouching.

Susanne Frenk, McCann’s Art Director on ‘Perfume’ was enthusiastic about the project: “I loved the collaboration with TANQ on this job, there was a lot of passion involved and an enormous love for detail. They made the sparkles really come to life. They’re a big part of the storytelling and Alex integrated them in a very organic and beautiful way.”

TANQ also completed ‘Night Out’ as part of the same campaign.

Credits: // Agency: McCann Erickson / Creative Director: Doug Welch / Creative Director: BJ Kaplan / Producer: Donna McCracken / Art Director: Susanne Frenk / Writer: Jan Franks / Production Company: Sandwick Films / Director: Matthäus Bussmann / Editor: Mark Nickelsburg @ Homestead Editorial