Splitscreen may be one of the oldest visual tricks in the book, but it is a technique perfectly suited for Dentyne’s Split2Fit packs, and director Tim Brown (1st Avenue Machine) proves that it can still be used in fun and original ways.
Editor Kane Platt (Hooligan) described the process of building the spot as a combination of matching up pieces that were shot specifically to go together, and in other cases, finding things that worked. ‘Everything was planned out for the shoot, but there was still room to play around with it in the edit,’ he explained. Some of the more challenging shots, those with moving actors or moving cameras or both, required special attention in the edit. ‘There was no motion control, so if the camera was moving, the shots in the left and right sides of the screen didn’t line up, so there was a lot of work involved in getting the shots close enough to see the effect of the splitscreen, and then TANQ took that a step further and perfected the match.’
TANQ Flame Artist Andrew Granelli began by subtly manipulating the footage to make each splitscreen align perfectly – stabilizing and tracking, repositioning and morphing the left and right sides of the shots to make them join together exactly. ‘It isn’t “seamless” compositing, because the seam is the effect, but the effect works a lot better when the two halves form a perfect shape,’ he said. ‘Some of the shots required manipulation of the timing of the left and right screens – which Kane had loosely matched in the rough cut. To get it perfect meant digitally synchronizing the movement – not easy when the camera is hand held!’
After matching the timings, the movement in each half of the screen was tracked, removed and then re-applied in a way that locked the two sides together. ‘There was a lot of complex work that went into making these shots match – the reward is that it looks so … seamless.’

Credits: // Agency: McCann / Producer: Alexis Mead / Production Company: 1st Avenue Machine / Director: Tim Brown / Producer: Topper Anton / Editor: Kane Platt @ Hooligan