Brawny_Inner Strength

TANQ recently completed visual effects work on a new spot for Brawny which showcases the brand’s support for the Wounded Warrior Project. ‘Inner Strength’ from DDB New York, shows veterans with prosthetic limbs training at the gym, playing basketball and being with their families, while the narration describes the strength that they have found within – “Strength isn’t something you find in a gym, it’s what you bring to the gym.” The spot was directed by Supply&Demand’s David Holm.

TANQ’s work included extensive background retouch, roto and clean-up – many hours of work by Flame Artist Andrew Granelli that is done so perfectly that it is invisible.

TANQ also was responsible for the design and animation of the endtag. “The Brawny packshot at the end of the spot features a collage of photographs, and the idea was to have the photographs tumble past the camera and resolve onto the pack,” explained TANQ’s creative director Alex Catchpoole. Rather than using a CGI dynamic simulation to create the sequence of falling cards, Catchpoole decided that a better result would be achieved through hand animation of each card, so that the path and final position of each photograph could be controlled and art directed.
To begin, TANQ recorded footage of real cards falling past camera, to capture a library of real-life tumbles and spins. This footage became the basis for the animation done in Flame. “It goes by pretty fast,” continues Catchpoole, “but there is so much detail in the animation, so many layers flying around and the resolution into the pack is so interesting to watch. It worked out really well, and is a great way to finish a really strong spot.”

Credits: // Agency: DDB New York / Executive Producer: Teri Altman / Production Company: Supply&Demand / Director: David Holm / Executive Producer: Kira Carstensen / Line Producer: Ari Hakim / Editor: Kane Platt @ Hooligan