Aetna_Lets Get Healthy

This spot gave the artists at TANQ the chance to do something they love to do: seamlessly composite typography into live action environments.
The process began with pre-production meetings with the director to discuss shooting strategies for the effects shots – camera placement, foreground action, and lighting all had to be considered.
Stage two was the design of the type – it had to be quickly legible, in a style that matched the Aetna branding, and designed in a way that could be believably placed into the environment.

Using a combination of Photoshop, AfterEffects and Flame, TANQ’s Alex Catchpoole and Jay Sienkwicz built the 4 integrated typography scenes; ‘Let’s Eat’ on the cutting board, ‘Let’s Plan’ on the beach, ‘Let’s Exercise’ in the tennis net, and ‘Let’s Get Healthy’ on the bottom of the pool.  Meanwhile, Flame artist Andrew Granelli built the screen composites in the laptop.

“The pool composite was fun to build,” explained Creative Director Alex Catchpoole.  “The live action plate ended up being a little too choppy – the water was rippling so much that anything written on the bottom of the pool would have been illegible.  So instead of trying to put in my type and match the ripples that were already there, I decided to completely replace the bottom of the pool, and rotoscope the swimmer back on top.  That way I could control how much rippling and distortion to add to the water – just enough to make it real, but not too much so that it became illegible.”

There is a before and after of the pool shot ‘here‘.

Credits: Agency: G2 / Producer: Sam Milgrim / Production Company: Nola Pictures / Director: Kenny Morrison / Editor: Kane Platt @ Hooligan