4-Pines_Space Beer

“Space Beer” for Australian micro-brewery 4-Pines is the latest installment in Sydney based agency Jaygrey’s humorous take on the combination of beer and astronauts. The beer was developed through a joint venture between 4-Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics Australia to produce the world’s first beer specifically intended for drinking in space, while still being tasty here on Earth.
This spot, directed by Mark Gravas (Kapow Pictures) shows 4-Pines drinking astronauts trying out their best pick up lines on some unlikely candidates, and the other typical, but out of context behavior.
TANQ’s Alex Catchpoole was tasked with creating an overall look for the spot that included atmospheric effects, background star fields and smoking craters.
‘It was quite a challenge, since the camera is travelling in parabolic curves around the planet, so there is lots of depth to the camera’s motion, and the atmosphere couldn’t just be layered on top.’ To achieve the effects, TANQ imported an FBX model of the planet and camera animation into Flame, and using the particle generation tools inside of Flame began experimenting with the different atmospheric effects required. ‘There was a bit of R&D involved in getting the look right – but the effort paid off – we were able to build some very cool effects, using the Flame system in a new and unique way.’

The spot has already received the honor of acceptance into the Official Selection at Annecy 2012, the international animation festival and competition held in France.

Credits: // Agency: Jaygrey Sydney / Production Company: Kapow Pictures / Director: Mark Gravas